Friday, January 24, 2014

Made it! Red Hat Summit Lab is Posted

Labs are a lot of fun. They give us a great opportunity to interact with customers and show of our new products. We had a lab session last year and it was wait listed. Over 80 attendees showed up and were able to complete our session. I'm really looking forward to this year as well. See you there!

Check it out here: Summit

Deploying OpenShift Enterprise on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with Heat templates

Scott Collier — Senior principal systems engineer, Red Hat
Chris Alfonso — Principal software engineer, Red Hat
Steve Reichard — Senior principal software engineer, Red Hat
Vinny Valdez — Principal cloud architect, Red Hat

Integration is one of the key aspects of creating a successful cloud environment, which Red Hat provides by building and using products within its portfolio that complement each other. In this hands-on lab, we’ll demonstrate a tightly integrated cloud solution that combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat.

You’ll learn how to properly deploy OpenShift Enterprise onto a Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform infrastructure using Heat templates. Through discussions and demonstrations, you’ll learn about:

Obtaining and deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4.
Setting up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4 Heat infrastructure.
Customizing Heat templates for OpenShift Enterprise.
Deploying OpenShift Enterprise using the customized Heat templates.
Deploying applications to the new OpenShift Enterprise infrastructure to confirm functionality.

This session is for anyone interested in application orchestration, especially those system administrators responsible for IaaS and/or PaaS. You’ll leave this session with the knowledge required to create your own cloud applications.

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