Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fedora Dockerfiles at the Austin Cloud Meetup

I had a great time presenting at the Austin Cloud meeting last night. There was a great turnout, probably ~ 125 or so people showed up.

The agenda consisted of:

• James Turnbull (skype-in), Intro to Docker and The Docker Book
• Scott Collier to talk about docker files in fedora.
• Ian Richardson to talk about Docker+Rundeck.
• Nars Tadepali to talk about Docker usecases at Actian.
• Aater Suleman to talk about Docker usecases at Flux7.
• Paul Czarkowski to talk about Deis.

We actually ran out of time.

The slides I used are here: Fedora Dockerfiles.  A new Docker meetup has been formed and I look forward to attending.

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