Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to Contribute to the "Container Best Practices Guide"

Hey there.  We are starting a new best practices guide for containers!  We'll cover tips and tricks for running containers on Fedora (rkt or Docker), CentOSRed Hat Enterprise Linux and Atomic.  Some of the topics will cover items from how to build single app containers running on a single host to building containers with the intention of orchestrating them across multiple hosts with a higher level tool like OpenShift and or Kubernetes.

Right now we are just getting started with this consolidation of container knowledge effort.  Please feel free to have a look at the Github repo and contribute by submitting a pull request.  The guide will be written in asciidoc so it's going to be very easy to contribute to.  There are three ways to render the asciidoc files into PDF or HTML format:

  • Install the appropriate packages (git asciidoc dockbook-xsl fop make) on your Fedora host
  • Build your own container-best-practices (click the link to get the Dockerfile) image and do the processing inside the container
  • Pull the trusted image from the Fedora account on the Docker registry by issuing a "docker pull fedora/container-best-practices"