Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Configure a Highly Available Kubernetes / etcd Cluster with Pacemaker on Fedora

I'm going to share some of the great work that Matt Farrellee, Rob Rati and Tim St. Clair have done with regards to figuring out $TOPIC - they get full credit for the technical details here.  It's really interesting work and I thought I'd share it with the upstream community.  Not to mention it gives me an opportunity to learn how this is all set up and configured.

In this configuration I will set up 5 virtual machines and one VIP:

If you are wondering how I set up this environment quickly and repetitively, check out omv from Purpleidea.  He's a clever guy with a great dev workflow.  In particular, have a look at the work he has done to put his great code into a package to make distribution easier.

In summary here, I used Vagrant, KVM and omv to build and destroy this environment.  I won't go into to many details about how that all works, but feel free to ask questions in the comments if needed.  My omv.yaml file is located here, this might help you get up and running quickly.  Just make sure you have a Fedora 22 Vagrant box that matches the name in the file.  Yup, I run it all on my laptop.

Global configuration:

  • Configure /etc/hosts on all nodes so that name resolution works (omv can help here)
  • Share SSH key from master to all other nodes